Our approach delivers sustained improvements by engaging employees

We help organisations, of any kind, to increase capability, reduce costs and deliver better customer service. We are practical people that work alongside you to help turn your strategy into action.

We help break down silos and create a new way of working.

The approach we use to achieve this is not new; we have been developing it for the last 25 years and it has enabled us to completely transform our own organisation.

An approach born out of the gritty reality of doing

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Working alongside you

As anyone seeking to introduce Lean, or improve operational effectiveness knows – the biggest challenge is ensuring that the new methods and their benefits are sustained.

What is different about our approach is that we generate high levels of engagement from your employees. We coach your people in the use of an integrated system that will enable them to design, test and implement their solution, thereby ensuring that they take ownership of it.

However, success does require a change in behaviour at all levels. Therefore, we work closely with your senior team to help them fully recognise what this means for everyone involved; if you are to meet your goals and ensure that the benefits are sustained.

The Unipart way is not to “do it to you”, we “teach you how to do it for yourself”, thereby ensuring a deep sense of ownership and commitment.

Transferring our knowledge

Our knowledge and skills readily transfer which ensures that your team can sustain and continuously improve once we have left.

A proven approach

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From our own experience, the only sure way to keep new processes going, and continuously improve them, needs a high level of employee engagement.

Otherwise short term gains are lost – and the grass simply grows back.

As recognised in the recent Report to Government ‘Engaging for Success’, it is only the organisations that truly engage and inspire their employees which produce world class levels of innovation productivity and performance.

We are not general consultants – our people are specialists, with years of practical operational experience.

We call it ‘Performance through Engagement’ – see it in action

If you want to learn how our approach can benefit your organisation, start by visiting our company to see, for yourself, the results that can be achieved.