What distinguishes our consultants is not just their depth of experience but their genuine passion for engaging and developing people

We are not conventional consultants but expert practitioners, with years of practical experience of implementing successful performance improvement programmes in line-management roles.

We combine deep experience of Lean and Six Sigma with the know-how and credibility that enables us to lead highly effective transformation programmes.

This allows us to work alongside you to help turn your strategy into action.

A passion for employee engagement


What distinguishes us from other consultants is not just our depth of experience but our passion for engaging and developing people, at all levels, throughout an organisation.

This we do in every stage of our work to ensure that initial performance improvements are sustained and continually improved, even after we have gone.

Excellent team working skills and an ability to engage, inspire and develop people are prerequisites for the role of a Unipart consultant.

However, success does require a change in behaviour at all levels. Therefore, we also work closely with your senior team to help them fully recognise what this means for everyone involved; if you are to meet your goals and ensure that the benefits are sustained.

We would like to think that the testimonials we receive from our clients provide some proof that, in this regard, our people really are different.

Investment in our people

iiplogo Our own skills in people management have been recognised by the achievement of Champion status - the highest level of recognition awarded by Investors in People.