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The Journal

Insight and commentary based on 28 years experience in the gritty reality of doing.

Working from home: staying positive, healthy and productive.

26 Mar 2020

A lot has changed in the last few weeks and many people may now find themselves working from home for the foreseeable future.  There have been major changes for all of us, but even those used to..

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Viewpoint: a marathon, not a sprint

25 Mar 2020

Posted In Engage & Improve, News

It’s been an unforgettable few weeks for the UK, with the impact of Coronavirus progressively bringing many businesses to near breaking point.  Leadership teams are activating their crisis..

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Has there ever been a greater impetus to review strategy?

20 Mar 2020

Posted In Engage & Improve

The coronavirus epidemic is testing critical internal business processes, including payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable.  For many, it is also bringing much of normal business..

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The UK's recovery: improving productivity

18 Mar 2020

Posted In Productivity, Manufacturing

2019 was a difficult year for UK productivity as negative results in the first half of the year were succeeded by two very slow, if marginally positive, quarters1. In light of the economic..

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If happy employees are productive employees, how do you make them happy?

03 Mar 2020

Posted In Engage & Improve, Productivity

(Alternative Title: why you should stop chasing employee happiness and strive for employee engagement)

A number of recent (and not so recent) LinkedIn posts, news articles and research papers..

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Future Trends: Robotic Process Automation and the ERP

27 Feb 2020

Posted In Productivity, Customer Service, Contact Centres, Supply Chain, Manufacturing


The invisible robot army that will drive forward business productivity

One of the new tools of the future, in this age of Industry 4.0, will be Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and it has the..

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A diagnosis for the UK Productivity Puzzle?

26 Feb 2020

Posted In Productivity, Manufacturing

Finding ways to stay competitive and to raise productivity in a volatile and increasingly complex world remains a key challenge for many British manufacturing companies. That’s why Roland Berger..

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A Health and Safety management system that wins awards

09 Dec 2019

Posted In Engage & Improve

The Unipart Way forms the basis of the work we do for our clients. The capability we provide drives performance in Health and Safety, efficiency, productivity and quality. That's why we are..

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Creating the business case for change

17 May 2019

Posted In Higher Education

Delivering savings to fund higher education transformation

This article is part of a series on higher education.

One of Unipart’s guiding principles is to ‘manage with a long-term view’. We know..

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