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A Health and Safety management system that wins awards

Author: Steve Wilson

The Unipart Way forms the basis of the work we do for our clients. The capability we provide drives performance in Health and Safety, efficiency, productivity and quality. That's why we are incredibly proud that today the Unipart Way, our proprietary system of operational excellence and continuous improvement, continues to be recognised for its contribution to health and safety at work.

7,000 Unipart employees, working in complex and potentially dangerous logistics and manufacturing sites across the world, are kept safe by Unipart's operational excellence and continuous improvement system. Two more Swords of Honour were awarded to the Unipart Group last month - adding to over 50 Swords that have been awarded to Unipart by the British Safety Council in every year since 2011.

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In addition to honouring regulation, demonstrating a commitment to employees by implementing and maintaining high health, safety and welfare standards is simply good business sense: a strong, performance orientated culture cannot be nurtured in an unsafe environment.

So, from the shop-floor to the boardroom, Unipart’s 18 Guiding Principles shape the KPIs we use, the decisions we make and drive the desirable behaviours which ultimately define our values and culture. Our system of operational excellence, the Unipart Way, not only ensures that we put in place and maintain safe systems of work, it also empowers and engages our employees to innovate, continuously improve and to ‘do the right thing’ every day.

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The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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