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Oliver Jobson

Oliver Jobson
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What is machine learning and how can it help improve performance?

25 Mar 2019

Posted In Engage & Improve

This article is written for those with little or no knowledge of machine learning, who seek to develop an understanding of the key technologies involved and the potential benefits it has for the..

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A new joint venture offers virtual digital workforce

06 Nov 2018

Posted In Engage & Improve, Productivity

Unipart Group and Voyager Solutions are to work together to provide transformation services for back-office processing, client service administration and operational reporting using software..

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Sharing in Growth wins national innovation award

05 Mar 2018

Posted In Manufacturing

Sharing in Growth (SIG) has won this year's Semta Innovation Award for improving the capability and productivity of more than 10,000 people working in the UK aerospace supply chain.

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What is the definition of first contact resolution and why is it so important?

04 Oct 2017

Posted In Customer Service, Contact Centres

The definition of first contact resolution (FRC) is exactly how it sounds. It is having the ability to resolve a customer's issue with a single interaction, this could be a single phone call,..

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Productivity is the Achilles’ heel of...

07 Dec 2016

Posted In Productivity

What can we do to raise productivity? 

Figures from the Office for National Statistics demonstrate an increase in UK manufacturing output for the second quarter of 2016, however, UK productivity..

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‘More must be done’ to reduce water leakage rates

01 Dec 2016

Posted In Utilities

After four years of leakage levels increasing in the water industry, levels have finally started to decrease - by 1.4 per cent over the last year. The Consumer Council for Water emphasises that..

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'UK construction weakest in four years'

11 Nov 2016

Posted In Construction & Infrastructure

The UK's construction sector recorded its weakest performance in four years in the July-to-September quarter, official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown.

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Why are UK workers so unproductive?

30 Aug 2016

Posted In Productivity

Could it be down to rising wage inequality? Sandra Polaski, the former US secretary of state’s special representative for international labour affairs believes it is. It's widely reported that UK..

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Productivity Drivers: Technology? Skills? Individuals?

22 Jul 2016

Posted In Productivity

One of the most common assumptions made about productivity is that it is to do with process technology. It stands to reason that a worker with an expensive machine can crank out more stuff than..
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Unipart Group scoops coveted wellbeing award at Responsible Business Awards

12 Jul 2016

Posted In News

Unipart Group has won the Bupa Wellbeing at work award in Business in the Community’s 2016 Responsible Business Awards held at the O2 in London.

The award recognised Unipart’s robust approach to..

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