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How can we say 'Yes' before you have even asked the question?

Author: Oliver Jobson

It's not because we are a bunch of 'yes-men', well... we are, but not the bad kind - it's because we have built the capability in to our business. Central to the way that we work is a unique approach that focuses on employee engagement to deliver operational excellence and performance. We do this by growing talent, schooling leaders in principles, recognising achievement and empowering staff with the authority and knowledge they need. In return our employees give us their 'discretionary' effort, which results in a fantastic resource: motivated, capable staff who live and breath innovation and problem solving on a daily basis. This is why we can say 'Yes' before hearing the question.

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The focus of how we work is not on processes or tools, but about people and culture, so it transcends any specific industry: it works within logistics, manufacturing and service industries to deliver significant, sustainable change. Change with the potential to produce a return on investment that is measured in orders of magnitude.

Unipart people solve problems this way everyday, which is why Unipart Expert Practices has a growing number of successful partnerships within financial services, utilities, the NHS and many others.

Challenge us with the question that's troubling you - you already know how we'll respond.

The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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