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A model for sustainable continuous improvement

Author: Oliver Jobson

A successful journey towards sustainable continuous improvement requires the development of 5 integrated elements:

Our model for sustainable continuous improvement

We call these elements our sustainment model and it’s through this that we develop and deploy our solutions. It’s based on our own insights of more than 28-years of applying a continuous improvement culture in Unipart, transformation programmes within our many clients, research from hundreds of internal audits and several thousand employee engagement data points.

The Unipart sustainability model is comprised of 5 integrated elements:

  • 1) The commitment of leaders.
  • 2) Engaging employees to unlock their potential.
  • 3) The systematic use of tools, using the right approach to deliver measurable, sustainable benefits and to facilitate deliberate practice that builds capability in continuous improvement.
  • 4) An integrated infrastructure to deploy the right approach at the right time in a systematic and engaging way, in order to deliver value to the customer, employee and organisation.
  • 5) Focus on delivering benefits from the outset, with the full advantages emerging over time.

We're not talking about theory; we are one of a handful of organisations to have successfully engaged our employees to sustain our own operational excellence journey. Our clients get the full benefit of this tacit knowledge as we work as a 'guide by your side' to build experience in your own organisation. To find out more please contact us using the form below, or find out about other ways you can get in touch or read more about our approach here.

The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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