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Unlocking the power of your brain

Author: Oliver Jobson

In preparation for a new client earlier this month, I recently had the opportunity to go through our brain friendly learning course; the aim of which is to deliver our training to our client teams in a way that uses more areas of the brain.

The Learning and Development team in Unipart Expert Practices moved away from ‘chalk and talk’ or content heavy, word heavy presentations a few years ago and as a practice we always aim to engage more interactively with flip charts and activities.

It meant that we didn't use any powerpoint and the sessions were all very interactive, greatly enhancing the learning that the course attendees gain. Being a practical person I really enjoyed all the interactive games, being given tennis balls to throw at your colleagues was both very satisfying, and a great way of keeping the brain active.

Taking part in the brain friendly training also taught me a lot about myself; I got to understand my learning styles and how I can use them to greater effect. It was also, perhaps most importantly, an activity which introduced the idea of knowing your strengths; as Claire, the Unipart Expert Practices facilitator, was commenting when introducing the idea, we focus far too often on our weaknesses and not on our strengths. Therefore a key activity during the session was about understanding our strengths and working towards utilising them in the most effective way.

This approach is now standard for our Unipart training that we deliver to our clients, it is really exciting to be offering this type of approach to people as you can see how the group responds to different methods and you can tailor your delivery to match to your audience.

We have had really positive feedback from this approach and indeed the Learning and Development team recently told me that a delegate from their last course said that this was the best bit of training that he had been on in 30 years!

I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed the brain friendly learning session, it is such a enhancement on training that we have all been through with the dreaded ‘death by powerpoint’ approach.

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Author: Gavin Lochhead is a Unipart Way Manager for Unipart Expert Practices who works both internally and externally with clients. He can often be found hiking a mountain, running a marathon or something equally courageous such as blogging, tweeting or updating his LinkedIn.

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