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Welcome to the Hot Spot

The sheer tonnage of evidence and material advocating that employee engagement is the key to creating a sustainably successful business would be sufficient to stun a marauding herd of bison. Gallup, Towers Watson, AON, the McLeod Report and our own experience at Unipart demonstrates that by creating an environment in which staff have a voice, feel nurtured, have the opportunity to solve problems and feel that they contribute are all vital.

Leadership plays a critical role. Having a clear vision, being able to articulate it and engaging staff starts at the very top. Managing performance plays a key role too. Performance management is synonymous with carrot and stick, it has negative overtones. But that stems from the win at all costs, JFDI school of thought, a time which if it did ever have its day, has passed.

The goal is to demonstrate a high level of focus on both people and performance. Doing this creates the environment in which success can be achieved and sustained. It creates what I would call a Hot Spot, in which teams understand what needs to be done, how they are performing, are listened to and able to make improvements to in their daily work. Failing to do this creates other environments, and given the alternatives I know where I’d prefer to spend my time....

The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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