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What does Inclusive Capitalism mean for Financial Services?

Author: Ian Arbuthnott

At last week's inclusive capitalism event, Christine Lagarde and Mark Carney revealed that they feel there is a long way still to go in transforming the Financial Services Sector:

"How do you avoid the risk of depleting the 'treasury of trust' and again destabilising the global economy." C. Lagarde

"Many banks have rightly developed codes of ethics or business principles, but have all their... (people)... absorbed their meaning?" M. Carney

Financial services organisations must take the lead on change

The imperative for change is as clear as ever, despite significant industry pushback. However, the only real way forward, that avoids further disruptive government regulation, is for the private sector to lead the change that will help to sustain and build "the treasury of trust". Without this action, many feel that there is a significant and real risk of a breakdown of trust between the financial services industry and the wider population as a whole.

With this in mind, what do you need to do to make the system fairer and more inclusive? What do you need to do to genuinely transform your organisation?

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