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Re-Building trust in Financial Services

How will Financial Services organisations genuinely re-engage with their customers?

It is clear that there is a real need for change in Financial Services. In particular there is a need for a deeper emphasis to be placed on engaging with customers in order to restore trust and confidence.

Current publicity, centred on how financial services organisations purportedly want to engage with customers, is undermined by recent comments by Mark Carney and Christine Lagarde, who make it clear that this is still far from a reality. There must be a genuine behavioural shift in all parts and at all levels within financial services.

With a genuine focus on Customer Engagement, there is an opportunity to develop a sustained competitive advantage over rivals.

The Unipart Group has developed a systematic way of working that puts the customer at the heart of its business and this has enabled it to become an exemplar of principles-based management. This approach has unlocked the potential of our people and delivered exceptional levels of customer engagement throughout the many industries in which we operate.

If you are interested in doing something different, and taking an award winning approach to engaging with your customers, then take a look at the video below that demonstrates how our systematic approach to customer engagement has delivered lasting benefits for our businesses. The same principles-based methodology can be applied within financial services organistions.

The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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