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The five key enablers that deliver and sustain continuous improvement

The Unipart Group of Companies has been on a remarkable journey over the last 30 years; transforming itself from being the parts division of British Leyland in to one of the UK’s leading independent Manufacturing, Logistics and Consulting companies. At the heart of this success is the development of our operational excellence (OpEx) ecosystem, the Unipart Way.

We have undertaken extensive external research into the critical factors that underpin sustainable change and analysed thousands of data points from our global sites and across different sectors and business types; thought leadership that is based on years of practical experimentation into what does and does not sustain change. From this research, we have identified the following five critical elements:


  • Leadership
    Effective and committed leaders at all levels; from CEO to front-line staff. Leaders must be proactive advocates of change and behave in a way that sustains continuous improvement, whilst engaging employees.
  • Engagement
    Highly engaged teams unlocking ideas, embedding capability to create new ways of working and the confidence and methods to identify and resolve issues at all levels.
  • Systematic use of tools
    Embedding standard, systematic ways of working, creating capacity and building the internal capability to continuously improve services through deliberate practice and coaching.
  • Infrastructure
    Having in place both the physical and the digital infrastructure to support the new ways of working in a systematic and engaging way, such as reporting, visual management, communication cells and knowledge management/best practice sharing systems.
  • Time and benefits
    A focus on benefits and payback from the outset, whilst recognising that the full advantages will emerge over time. Transformation activity is overtly linked to organisational goals.

To help our customers deliver upper quartile levels of operational performance, and embed continuous improvement into their organisations, we assess our customers’ businesses against these five elements and provide a bespoke, tailored roadmap that will ensure that performance improvements are sustained and continuous improvement is embedded in their organisations.

Equally, if progress is not made in all of the five critical elements, there is a high probability that an organisation will not be able to hold on to new ways of working and will miss a real opportunity to deliver a long-lasting and significant performance improvement.

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The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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