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Key takeaways from the NHS Confederation Conference 2014

Transparency, Quality and safety: There must be no turning back the clock on Francis: "Unsafe care is one of the most expensive things you can do." - Jeremy Hunt. £1.3bn of the NHS budget is spent on litigation claims and "these things shouldn't happen in the NHS". Hunt also mentioned how important it is to develop a culture of transparency, openness and learning; the resultant peer pressure will help to drive the pursuit of better quality patient care.

The use of big data: “proper data linkage between GP systems and hospitals and other healthcare providers to create secure, confidential longitudinal information that allows us to target prevention and quality improvement, as well as help discover new treatments and cures." - Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong. Also mentioned was the importance of empirical data to test and improve new models of care.

Integrated Care will be key to regulating demand and thus helping to improve capacity, not just improving the patient experience for those with complex needs. Norman Lamb announced an extra £1.2m funding for the 14 integration pioneers, and Andy Burnham admitted that, despite much, bitter political dispute, there is growing political consensus surrounding integration, but it must be embraced fully:

“This call for integration will only offer a proper solution if we embrace it fully, rather than in half measures.”

It wasn’t the only warning, Carolyn Downs, chief executive of the Local Government Association reminded the conference of the big task that remained:

“Integration, even within an organisation is hard, so integration between different bodies with differing cultures is even harder.” Yet there was little mention of how this challenge may be mediated, with even less emphasis on how organisations, with different levels of work-standardisation, would be able to work together.


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