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Making everyone an innovator

Many organisations have taken a Lean approach over the years – many have failed but few have succeeded.

The attraction to Lean is obvious – if you read some of the well-known books such the ‘The Toyota Way, ‘Lean Thinking’ or ‘The Machine that changed the world’ the processes sound very straight forward – and pretty simple on the surface of it.

However, when you get into the details and practicalities it is often less than simple. Lean whilst simple is counter intuitive to the way we all work. It is about sharing best practice, capturing problems and working together to identify improvements.

Whilst we may all think we work like that how often do we carry out an activity only to reflect back on it and think ‘there must be a better way to do this’ but then do little about it?

It’s only by capturing these moments of innovation that organisations can continuously improve. In Unipart we have systems designed to capture ideas from our team at any point in the day and these are then discussed and progressed by the team, together.

The NHS has just announced a £50 million fund – the Specialised Services Commissioning Innovation Fund – which aims to transform the way innovations are identified, tested and adopted.

An excellent suggestion, but the trick is to foster the innovation in the first place.

No one has ‘innovator’ in their job title – but we are all responsible for it.

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