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‘More must be done’ to reduce water leakage rates

Author: Oliver Jobson

After four years of leakage levels increasing in the water industry, levels have finally started to decrease - by 1.4 per cent over the last year. The Consumer Council for Water emphasises that more must be done.

Water Industry Leaks
The Consumer Council for Water also highlighted in its Delving into Water report that there was still a long way to go for water companies to reduce Leakage to required levels, stating “Leakage is a key concern for customers and can have a big impact on customers’ motivation to save water, as well as their perception of water companies.” Daily 121 litres of water is wasted through leakage per household. This remains above the baseline level of 2010.

From the 1.4 per cent decrease this year all companies have met there 2014 price review, creating the question of whether the targets are tough enough.

The consumer watchdog’s chief executive Tony Smith said: “leakage remains an important issue for consumers and it can dampen their own motivation to save water if they think their water company is not pulling its weight. With pressure continuing to mount on our water resources, some water companies need to show more ambition in beating – not just meeting – their leakage targets.”

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