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Solving the Productivity Puzzle

Author: Oliver Jobson

In this new video series on the UK productivity puzzle, the UK’s most influential business leaders share their views on improving productivity. “Solving the Productivity Puzzle” is a series of five short documentaries presented by broadcasting journalist Juliet Mann, who anchors CNN’s weekly business programme, Marketplace Europe."

In each of the programmes, Mann challenges business leaders on their views about improving productivity in business and in the public sector.

Can we solve the productivity puzzle?

What is the productivity Puzzle?

Since the beginning of the recession in 2007 - UK labour productivity has been exceptionally weak. Today whole economy output is some 16% lower than the trend implied by pre-crisis levels.

Productivity is the number one issue facing UK industry. As economist Paul Krugman says "productivity isn't everything, but it's nearly everything".

The Productivity Puzzle website is aimed at business leaders who want to understand how to accelerate productivity improvements in their organisations, or who want to share their best practice and experience with others

Some of the most important voices in industry at home and overseas have already shared their views through documents, articles and videos. You can also sign up to get access to exclusive content, and create favourite articles.

To find out more, visit productivitypuzzle.com

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