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Process Excellence Training: Will you get what you expect?

Author: Alison Coleman

Have you bought something which looked great on the menu but which turned out to be a big disappointment?

Solve the Peroductivity Puzzle with Unipart

Recently I found myself pondering on the different prices of salads - should I go for the “leafy bistro bowl” with exotic-sounding escarole or the more expensive “sweet and crunchy layered” with lollo rosso? Then I wondered if my choice would live up to expectations. Even if you can see the list of ingredients you cannot always tell how well put together it is, and whether perhaps the contents might be a little past their “best before” date. When confronted with the result you might find your purchase is frankly unpalatable. Training is very much the same. Businesses often decide that training is required, but buy on price - assuming that providers are comparable, and contents similar. They end up having received training, but few business benefits.

In fact as long ago as the 1950’s Don Kirkpatrick suggested there were four levels to consider when evaluating training: favourable trainee reaction to the session, knowledge acquired, subsequent application of the learning and, finally, delivery of targeted outcomes. It is the final stage which businesses often expect, but the first stage which is most-often measured.

Effective learning of new skills in areas like process excellence require a partnership between the business and the learning professional in order to ensure the desired results will be delivered. This partnership has to start before the learning events with a discussion of what outcomes are required and should continue after any training course in order to support the application of the new knowledge. Within Unipart we build this partnership approach into our Greenbelt and Blackbelt programmes, which we open up to attendees from other organisations, offering them the same great level of support before and after the course modules. Even better, you are able to partner with us in supporting your delegates to deliver the results you need in your business. Get the salad you deserve! Use the form below to contact us and find out more.

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