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Productivity is the Achilles’ heel of...

Author: Oliver Jobson

What can we do to raise productivity? 

Figures from the Office for National Statistics demonstrate an increase in UK manufacturing output for the second quarter of 2016, however, UK productivity still trails the average of the G7 Group by 18 per cent.

Robotic Welding Manufacturing
A recent Raconter article suggests solutions to the productivity puzzle lie in two areas: investing in human skills or investing in technology.

1. Investing in humans: engaging and training staff in using new technologies provides the dual benefits of building skills capability and improving productivity. Apprenticeships are an essential way to do this as it gives young people on-the-job experience.

2. Investing in technology: use digital innovation to introduce more modern monitoring and control approaches. Digital systems can analyse data to provide continuous process feedback, reduce waste and provide greater process control. Collaborating with small technology companies is essential to this.

Companies should also ensure that their people have the skills and capability in order to use this technology effectively. At Unipart, and within our clients our practitioners use the tools and techniques of the Unipart Way to develop the capability of people to solve problems and improve processes and therefore their skills to use technology effectively to continually improve their ways of working.

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