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Are you ready for a new world of water?

The open water programme will fundamentally change the competitive environment of the water industry in the UK. Whether or not an organisation will sink or swim(!) in the new world of water will be determined by their ability to adapt and change.

Will your organsiation be able to compete in a changing water market?

The businesses that flourish will do more than simply seek to adapt to survive. Those that prosper will be developing not only a firm understanding of the customer, but will also be looking deep at their own organisation to understand how they can better meet their customer’s requirements. To be able to respond they will need an integrated approach to change that will develop and grow their own unique source of competitive advantage.

Unipart has been developing an integrated approach to change for nearly 30 years and has helped many other organisations on their own journey towards a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. In our latest article we discuss how integrated business-wide change, which will play a key role in the opening-up of the water market over the coming years, can be managed and implemented in a systematic way. This latest article featured recently in the Institute of Water Journal and can be accessed via the link below.

Get ready for a new world of water

The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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