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The importance of digital to future prosperity

Author: Oliver Jobson

An interview with Unipart Chairman and CEO John Neill was published in Financial Director magazine this week:

In the article John discusses the significant challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution facing business leaders, creating a culture and capability to develop technology effectively, the future relationship between humans and technology and on how the Unipart Way has built a culture prepared to embrace digital transformation. On this last point, John said:

“The problem enterprises are facing is how to get from a small number of adopters of technology into the mainstream of the business. Our strength is that the Unipart Way has created a culture which is both curious and receptive to and quite keen to embrace change, and the evidence for that is that we run 25,000 problem solving circles, that is a huge number.

“That tells you culturally and pervasively the business is used to trying to discover problems, figuring out what the desired solution to those problems will be, engaging the appropriate people from wherever they are in the company to solve the problem, and implementing the solution, and so the plan-do-check-act cycle has been working here for decades.”

Read the full article here.

The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains

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