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The Journal: Engage Improve

Insight and commentary based on 28 years experience in the gritty reality of doing.

What is avoidable contact and how do you implement it correctly?

24 Jan 2018

Posted In Contact Centres, Utilities, Financial services, Water, Engage & Improve, Customer Service

In a previous blog, we looked at the subject of ‘first contact resolution’ in contact centres. In this blog, we are looking at whether ‘contact’ is always the best option for a transaction, and..
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Your next complaint is an advocate in waiting...

28 Feb 2017

Posted In Financial services, Engage & Improve

I was privileged to have been a judge at the first ever Awards International 'UK Complaint Handling Awards', which took place on 23rd February, and I must say I was extremely impressed with the..
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White Paper: 'Lean approach to the Public sector'

07 Jul 2014

Posted In Engage & Improve

‘Lean thinking’ was, until recently, seen as the province of manufacturing companies that were able to reduce costs and increase value by improving the quality of their products and the efficiencies..
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10 Steps to Continuous Improvement

22 Aug 2013

Posted In Engage & Improve, Training

Following these 10 crucial steps will help to create a Lean/continuous improvement organisation. They have been distilled from our breadth of experience in helping clients on their Lean journeys in..
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Unlocking the power of your brain

25 Jun 2013

Posted In Engage & Improve, News

In preparation for a new client earlier this month, I recently had the opportunity to go through our brain friendly learning course; the aim of which is to deliver our training to our client teams in..
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The value of employee voice in generating engagement

20 Dec 2012

Posted In Engage & Improve, News

We have long recognised the value of Employee Engagement in our organisation and have been relatively successful in achieving it. However clients often ask us how do we ACTUALLY do it? It sounds..
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The key role of employee engagement in productivity improvement

11 Dec 2011

Posted In Engage & Improve, News

'Once the company leadership has decided the strategy, how do you get all the employees on board? The key word in engagement...' John Neill, Unipart Group CEO, as well as a number of other business..
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