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The Journal: Supply Chain

Insight and commentary based on 28 years experience in the gritty reality of doing.

The challenges of working with smaller suppliers (and how to overcome them)

05 Jul 2018

Posted In Supply Chain, Manufacturing

Whilst they may share the same objectives, supply chains offer different levels of complexity and challenge across sectors. The high volume and high complexity of the automotive sector contrasts with..
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Recognise these five warning signs? Your supply chain could be at risk.

26 Mar 2018

Posted In Manufacturing, Supply Chain

The ability to sense danger before it occurs is paying dividends for many organisations both in maintaining high performance levels and reducing costs.
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The Secret to Balancing Process and Agility in Manufacturing

21 Dec 2017

Posted In Manufacturing, Supply Chain

We caught up with Alan Kelly, MD of Unipart Expert Practices, earlier this month to discuss the relevance of process and agility in promoting success throughout the supply chains of today—and..
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