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Does your process improvement training take you where you want to go?

Author: Alison Coleman

Learning new skills takes great training, but also coaching from skilled experts, and your own deliberate practice...

Picture of compass - will your journey get you to where you need to go?

Most people I know like going on a training course; it’s an opportunity to step back from the insistent demands of the workplace and explore new ideas without interruption, and let’s face it, it’s also nice to feel valued. But bringing back new ideas into that same workplace, and applying them successfully, can be a struggle.

What with the inevitable backlog of work when you return, it is often easier to fall straight back into the familiar ways of working and not apply the newly-learnt skills. By the time you have cleared your inbox, the training session can be just a distant memory. Those valuable new skills are now like the SatNav you got for Christmas – “I’ll get around to setting that up when I have five minutes”. How often do those “five minutes” come along, and how long until the next one appears?

We recognised this problem when developing our approach to using Lean and Six Sigma in our own businesses. We know people succeed better if they receive feedback and coaching as they use their new skills. As a result, our courses are designed to focus on supporting you as you apply the skills in your work place.

The training is great and the follow-up is too. Not only do we run our sessions with two course leaders, but we use practical examples and provide expert support over several months while you complete a project. Feedback from our delegates has shown this to be key. You embed the learning whilst you take those first steps in applying your new skills.

When you next look at process improvement training, don’t just look at the price, look at the content… does it take you where you want to go? For great Lean & Six Sigma training PLUS coaching from experts, contact your dedicated training team today.

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