Changing Culture: National Grid

Unipart Expert Practices is currently working with National Grid on a major contract in the United States. Tasked with training and coaching thousands of employees, we are enabling National Grid to ensure that their customers and other stakeholders continue to receive safe, reliable and secure energy supplies.

Operational Excellence in Utilities

Our partnership with National Grid started out with a similar project in the UK where we are supporting the roll out of their 'Performance Excellence' programme. The focus of the project is on cultural change; incorporating staff engagement and training to unlock potential and deliver sustained improvement. It's a technique that we call 'performance through engagement'.

By training and coaching at all levels of National Grid, we are enabling employees to transform many areas of the business. For example, front line operational teams benefit by being better positioned to respond to customer needs. We are also working with support areas of the business, in functions such as procurement, finance and HR.

The goals of the National Grid programme closely mirror those of 'The Unipart Way'. This is an approach that Unipart has developed within its own operations for more than 20 years, at its heart it engages people, at all levels, in continuous improvement. The end result is a sustainable route to operational excellence. It works in many different organisations and in a wide range of industry sectors. Why? Because it focuses on a single resource that is universal for all businesses: people.

It’s great to be extending the footprint of The Unipart Way as part of this initiative, but it’s also thrilling to be working with such a significant organisation, in a sector which we consider to be important to all our futures.

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The Unipart Way: performance improvement that sustains.

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