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Why are UK workers so unproductive?

Author: Oliver Jobson

Could it be down to rising wage inequality? Sandra Polaski, the former US secretary of state’s special representative for international labour affairs believes it is. It's widely reported that UK wages have increased little in the past 15 years and out of all countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) the nation has been hit by the biggest fall in real pay since the recession , apart from Greece.


A lack of job security also leads to unproductive workers, argues neuroscientist and productivity coach Magdalena Bak-Maier. “Underneath the statistics, there is a sense of uncertainty and fear. People feel insecure in terms of their employment and low wages. And it’s a fundamental fear – if you have people worried about paying their bills next month, they are not going to be able to concentrate on the job.”

Though companies may think cheap, disposable labour is a good thing, having permanent employees who are paid properly, have autonomy and engaged in improving the organisation will boost productivity, efficiency and profits over the long term. This is the approach that Unipart are committed too and we have continued to develop it over the last three decades - read more about our approach here.

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