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Your next complaint is an advocate in waiting...

I was privileged to have been a judge at the first ever Awards International 'UK Complaint Handling Awards', which took place on 23rd February, and I must say I was extremely impressed with the genuine passion for customer experience and rapid complaint resolution that was exhibited by all entrants.

Convert customer complaints to advocates

It is clear that irrespective of industry or sector there has been a shift in attitude in how customers are dealt with when they have a query, issue or need to complain.

Without fail all entrants focused on the importance of treating customers as individuals, showing empathy and not just quoting policy, taking ownership, resolving complaints in a timely manner and, importantly, engaging colleagues to eliminate the root cause of complaints.

The progress made in embracing innovation and digital technologies in engaging customers and sharing best practice across organisations was also evident, with many companies accepting the need to enable customers to chose the time and manner in which they are engaged. It was also encouraging to see a move towards omni-channel lines of communication with web chat capability incorporated into the complaint resolution process.

The message on the day was clear. Look after your customers, treat them with respect and take responsibility when things go wrong. Do this and your customers will really value you, your employees will feel more engaged and your business will benefit. In Unipart, we call it 'Customer Engagement' and it's one of the pinacles that support the Unipart Way. If you would like to discuss how we do this for our clients, contact us below.

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