“How can we achieve world class levels of productivity?”

sector_C-I_building1b.jpgThe UK construction industry has already demonstrated its ability to achieve world class standards in safety – but why not in productivity?  While the importance of improving productivity in construction is coming up the agenda, practical implementation is lagging behind.

Those capable of implementing it first will gain considerable competitive advantage, so what is holding things back?

We can help you drive a step-change in performance

Our own journey has given us real insight into the barriers you face and a detailed understanding of how to unlock the opportunity. Our heritage is in automotive, which is the UK’s most productive sector and our learning from transforming our own productivity has given us a unique capability to help others drive step changes in their performance.

A distinctive approach that has been shown to work

sector_C-I_building2b.jpgWe start off by listening to your needs, and then work alongside you to adapt our methods and transfer our knowledge. We are not conventional consultants; we take a highly practical approach working alongside your front line teams to help them develop their skills and connect this to the strategic purpose of the organisation.

Our distinctive approach has been shown to work everywhere, from factories to hospitals.

We have already shown we can drive productivity across many aspects of construction and infrastructure: from innovative, affordable housing projects, through outsourcing maintenance, to being part of some of the largest projects in the UK.

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