Traditional cost-cutting methods are becoming exhausted, often proving to be short term fixes that damage the morale of people delivering the services

Enabling Civil Servants to achieve ‘better for less’

The on-going challenges facing many government departments mean that the difficulties of delivering high quality public services at ever reducing cost are mounting annually. Traditional cost-cutting methods are becoming exhausted and have often proved to be short term fixes that damage the morale of people delivering the services.

Departments still have much further to go than traditional cost cutting methods permit.

How are budgets going to be achieved without long term damage to services the public demand and expect?

How we can help solve these issues

Our view is that the Unipart way is the only way in which these apparently contradictory pressures can be reconciled.

We have shown that Civil Servants can readily be engaged by the Unipart approach, and make radical improvements to services whilst drastically reducing cost at the same time. They also become motivated to carry on making further improvements to their work after we have gone.

We have demonstrated that if people have the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence they can achieve remarkable results.

Recent results we have delivered

  • Generating a return of over £1.2bn benefits for one Government department
  • Productivity uplifts ranging from 30% – 80%
  • Quality (accuracy) improved by 50% minimum
  • Backlogs of work eliminated from 100 days to 1 day

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