For one NHS Trust, we have recently delivered:

  • An annualised saving of 42,000 bed days per year, equivalent to the capacity of 3 full wards
  • Improved ED performance from 75% to 96% of 4 hour target. Moving from 120th to 6th best performing Acute Trust in the UK
  • Reducing RTT fines by £360,000 a year in one specialty through a reduced average wait from 36 to 12 weeks
  • Delivering an additional £2.8 million elective revenue through increased productivity


Inpatient pathways and the patient flow challenge

Developing a targeted end-to-end inpatient flow model to address the patient flow challenge and create a step-change in ED performance.

Typical benefits we have delivered:

Improve ED performance & fine reduction | Eliminate 12hr ED breaches & fines | Reduce ED Treatment times | Improve patient handover | Proactive discharges | Reduce length of stay | Increase bed availability | Enhance patient safety and patient experience | Reduced impact on elective activity

"I feel very confident that the work we are doing with Unipart is sustainable, it is changing the culture of the organisation, it is changing the way people think and it is developing our staff."

inpatient pathways solutions

Elective care pathways and the RTT challenge

Developing an end-to-end elective pathway model to address the RTT challenge through effective utilisation and increased productivity.

Typical benefits we have delivered:

Increase revenue through productivity of clinics and theatres | Improve theatre utilisation |Reduce costs by eliminating the need for waiting list initiatives |Reduce RTT waiting times (and therefore fines) |Increase effectiveness of pre-operative clinics and surgical wards | Reduce short and long term cancellations | Improve effectiveness | Improve patient experience

"The results have been quite staggering.. in Orthopedics, which was a key areas for us, for the first time in several years we have been able to achieve the 18 week waiting time standard"

elective care pathways proposition
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What distinguishes us from other consultants is not just our depth of experience but our passion for engaging and developing people, at all levels, throughout an organisation.

Unipart Expert Practices have worked with a large number of NHS trusts to deliver sustainable improvement that improves the patient experience, engages employees and delivers financial benefits to NHS Trusts.  Read more about our approach >

"There is a plethora of lean based conferences and support available through the NHS network however, from mine and others observations, it doesn’t actually tick the box for what we want as an organisation. What we want is a really long term sustainable solution that focuses on behaviours and culture."

Return on investement

We have the confidence to offer our services with 100% fees payable only against delivery of agreed benefits.