Unlock increased productivity, improve business processes and engage your workforce and students

Working alongside you to deliver a high performing organisation, resulting in a better student experience.

Unipart has a rich history working within the Higher Education sector: combining resources in Research, Digital Innovation, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Transformation and Student Services.

We recently delivered the following benefits for a UK University:

  • A “Centre of Excellence Team” for Continuous Improvement
  • £8m increase in annual revenue by reducing application turnaround times
  • Released 662 hours of capacity in the Post-Graduate Taught (PGT) application process
  • £500,000 cost reduction through increased efficiency
  • Unlocked 15,000 hours per annum of capacity across administrative services that is now refocused on value for money activities
  • A culture of Continuous Improvement across the University that has improved employee engagement and won several prestigious Employer Awards

Experts in embedding sustainable continuous improvement in Higher Education

  • Higher revenues
  • Lower cost
  • Better student experience
  • Value for money
  • Engaged Employees

Business-administration services are crucial to the running of Universities. Departments such as the Admissions Service have a direct and significant impact on an institutions revenue. But many of these departments are not high performing. Instead of adding to top line growth they can bring unnecessary cost into the organisation.

Research and teaching are high-profile parts of the University value chain that demand rapid and continual development. Whereas, back office administrative functions and their business processes are easier to neglect.  Inefficiencies, lack of productivity and low employee-engagement can impact on the student experience and value for money.

With decades of experience in helping organisations to improve performance, Unipart is enabling Universities to become much more “student focussed”, more streamlined, less complex and releasing headcount capacity to concentrate on Value for Money activities.


Watch the video: The benefits of implementing a culture of Continuous Improvement in your  University


 Working with Unipart has led to the streamlining of our business processes and the elimination of duplication, both of which are very important. However, undoubtedly the biggest benefit has been a huge increase in the level of employee engagement which has far exceeded expectations. 


 Seeing it (the process) laid out like this shows how much we actually do. The approach we are taking now is very different, it is an excellent way of looking at our processes and how we work 


Read the case study: Creating a culture of Continuous Improvement in a University


What distinguishes us from consultants is not just our depth of experience but the passion our Expert Practitioners have for engaging and developing people, at all levels, throughout an organisation.

Unipart Expert Practices have worked with a number of Universities to deliver sustainable continuous improvement that improves the student experience, engages employees and delivers financial benefits Higher Education and Further Education establishments.