Construction & Infrastructure Case Studies

We have a proven track record of applying our methods to many infrastructure management and Utilities organisations.

Our clients see solid results through the application of our way of working and benefit from re-motivated and engaged staff that have the confidence to carry on improving long after we have departed.

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Delivering a supply chain strategy for a major building constructor

With a call for a step change in productivity and build quality, this manufacturer of modular units called on Unipart to design and cost the end-to-end parts and material flow for a planned, advanced manufacturing facility that would be capable of high-volume production.

Building the capability to reducing project overrun

The key task was to find a way of rapidly improving the handover and commissioning process between the contractors and the customer. The solution would require intensive cross company working, for there were many problems needing resolution and their cause was often unclear.

Improving productivity for a national engineering services provider

With 5,605 hours of lost productivity from contracted-out services, this provider of construction and government infrastructure support services turned to Unipart to help address the problem.

Reducing costs and improving productivity for a major construction company

Failing to meet agreed deadlines, costs escalating, and the  build of a new power station was significantly over budget for this major construction company. Improving performance was of vital important...

Boosting back office productivity for an airport operator

A leading airport company needed to make significant reductions in its operating costs to maintain profitability. We were tasked with helping the Business Support Centre, to improve productivity in all core functions, particularly finance.

Sustainable improvement in performance, productivity and profitability

With a key contract at stake, this provider of infrastructure support services and was facing increased costs, while failing to deliver against contract deliverables. Unipart were engaged to improve performance and increase productivity.

Supporting delivery of a target operating model and improvement plan

A recent acquisition was found to have a number of Safety Health and Environment risks to the extent that a public enquiry was likely. To avoid reputation, monetary and operational costs urgent action would be needed to resolve resource issues, excessive costs, and poor service delivery results.