Designing and developing a supply chain strategy for a major building constructor

The challenge

The client wanted to construct an advanced manufacturing facility, capable of high volume production of modular units to help fulfil growing demand.

The project set out to challenge traditional construction methods by reducing manufacturing lead-time, minimising waste and reducing the build time on site.

How we helped

Unipart were selected as a strategic partner to scope, design and cost an end-to-end parts and material flow.

  • Designing and implementing a parts and materials flow strategy.
  • Improving supply chain management with the development of a supply chain framework proposal
  • Designing effective resource allocation through the identification of the process-by-process headcount requirements.

We overcame barriers by achieving key stakeholder engagement (including suppliers) and using the principles of ‘design for manufacture’ and ‘Just in Time’.

To see the full extent of our help at the major building constructor, download the full case study at the bottom of the page.

The results
The following successes have been achieved as a result of the support work with the client:
  • The establishment of an effective ‘Just in Time’ manufacturing processes facilitated by a parts process flow plan
  • Enabling the senior stakeholders to define layout, orientation and associated site logistics.
  • Scoping of the requirements for ‘Just-in-Time’ manufacturing to enable support, for the required level of activity, that would meet forecast market demand
  • Presentation of the diagnostic output to senior stakeholders, highlighting a series of recommendations, next steps and options.

To see all of the results make sure you download the full case study below!

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