Providing the capability to help a major energy constructor reduce overrun in the construction of a new power station

The challenge

Completion of the construction of this large new power station was falling behind schedule and running over budget. The key task was to find a way of rapidly improving the handover and commissioning process between the contractors and the customer. The solution would require intensive cross company working, for there were many problems needing resolution and their cause was often unclear.

How we helped

We began by involving all the stakeholders, contractors and customers alike, in the development of a value stream and process map.

  • We established a ‘war room’ where daily progress of the actions to resolve these problems was displayed and made transparent to all. 
  • We ran a series of evening workshops with over ninety site supervisors and managers introducing them to a framework for solving problems.
  • Training was provided to people in their use and introduced an auditing process to ensure that the new standards were sustained and milestones delivered.

To see a more in depth analysis of how we helped reduce the overrun throughout this construction, download the full case study at the bottom of the page. 

The results

Within eight weeks our combined actions successfully improved the speed of the expected handover by 30%. By introducing one standard for all contractors we achieved a 20% improvement in their compliance being ‘right first time’.

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