Supporting a national infrastructure client to deliver a target operating model and an improvement plan for a new acquisition

The challenge

One of this businesses branches was at risk from a ‘traffic commissioner public enquiry’.

Urgent action was needed on resource issues, excessive costs, and poor service delivery results to help the client avoid the monetary and operational cost of a public inquiry.

How we helped

Unipart was tasked with reducing the SHE risks to the company and development of an operating model that would tackle the numerous issues. 

Some of the ways in which we helped:

  • Undertaking structural assessment – an analysis of the organisation’s structure to identify clear lines of ownership and accountability
  • A Financial Analysis – the client needed to understand the effect company rules, policies, structure, and data integrity have.
  • Creation of new standard operating procedures – enabling structured, measurable processes that would be a stepping stone to future performance improvement
  • Definition of a KPI structure – that supported fulfilment of Service Level Agreements and aligned with the business objectives
  • Evaluation of current performance management systems and the design of a robust plan for their evolution

To see all of the issues we solved, make sure to download the full case study at the bottom of the page.

The results

Following the various strands of risk analysis and operation review, the benefits included:

  • Compliance to legislative and governance requirements
  • Cost saving of £1.2m through operational re-design and re-structure
  • Re-alignment of cost modelling tool to ensure the business was operating profitably
  • Improvement of workplace culture, enabling individuals to take ownership of their work and raise and solve issues at their own level

In the full case study, we cover all of the challenges and results of working with the national infrastructure. You can download a copy by clicking on the image below.

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