Transforming complaint handling for a large credit card issuer achieves market-leading status in customer query resolution

Engaged employees resolve complaints on first point of contact to deliver an improved customer experience and realise a 20% capacity benefit.

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The challenge

One of the UK’s largest issuers of credit cards wanted to transform the organisation to be recognised as a market leader in customer experience. 

The company visited Unipart’s head office in Cowley to experience Unipart’s philosophy of working that engages everyone in the organisation to continuously improve customer service and performance. As a result, the company challenged our expert practices division to help achieve three strategic objectives. We then embarked on a sixteen week proof of concept in the complaint handling area.

To see the full strategy that our expert practices devised, make sure you download the full case study at the bottom of the page.
How we helped

From our own experience gathered over many years, we know that engaging people and developing their capability in new ways of working ensures that the changes made will sustain.

  • Appointed a team of internal practitioners to help develop an end-to-end view of the complaints handling process overlaid with the customer experience.
  • The team identified a significant number of improvement opportunities within the complaints handling team.
  • A first point of contact resolution process was implemented in the customer services contact centre, along with all associated training to ensure the delivery of a consistent customer experience.
  • In situations where a more complex case required assessment by the dedicated complaints team, a new workplace organisation, coupled with improved standard processes enabled the customer query to be efficiently and effectively resolved.
By introducing a systematic approach to operational excellence, with a focus on building the capability of people at all levels of the organisation, we were able to help NewDay to sustain their new way of working. This was achieved through a combination of dedicated training interventions, one to one coaching and role modelling of the specific behaviours required to support a culture of customer focused continuous improvement.
The results

Transforming the complaint handling area has delivered against our clients three strategic objectives. We have improved customer satisfaction, increased employee engagement and created capacity for reinvestment.

To read the full case study on how we transformed complaint handling for NewDay, download the case study below.

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