Delivering compliant and customer focused processes in Corporate Banking

The challenge

With the imminent introduction of new regulation, a major Irish bank recognised that it was at serious risk of non-compliance.   

Concerned that substantial fines could result, the bank asked us to develop a standard way of working that could be adopted across all regions.

The project scope covered 44% of all core customer-facing activity and 70% of the employees within the business.

How we helped

In order to sustain new processes, involving employees is vital.

  • We worked with front-line employees from all territories and the regulatory and operational risk team to get their input on what needed to change.
  • Current compliance guidelines were causing confusion between teams

Creating one best way

  • We engaged staff in designing a standard process with clear User Guides
  • We also made key metrics highly visible, allowing managers and teams to quickly see how deals were progressing

These changes allowed the organisation to transition from retrospective quality checking to in-built process quality assurance, reducing costs and saving time.

To see a full analysis of how we helped this corporate bank, download the full case study at the bottom of the page

The results

By the end of deployment the following results had been achieved:

  • A 42% improvement in the speed of processing customer applications
  • Clear process guidelines with documentary evidence to meet current and future regulatory requirements
  • Introduction of a collaborative approach, among all the teams based on greater openess.

To see all of the results that the corporate bank gained download the full case study below.

customer focussed process