Government & Public Sector Case Studies

We have shown that Civil Servants can readily be engaged by the Unipart approach, and make radical improvements to services whilst drastically reducing cost at the same time. They also become motivated to carry on making further improvements to their work in Government organisations long after we have left.

We have demonstrated that if people have the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence they can achieve remarkable results.

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Implementing a large scale transformation programme in HMRC

Unipart Expert Practices were challenged to transform the efficiency of HMRC through embedding a sustained culture of continuous improvement over a five-year period, with the specific request of generating a 30% productivity uplift and improvements in quality. We exceeded this goal...

Overhauling the Government’s competitive procurement process

The Governments procurement process was recognised as overly bureaucratic, wasteful and time consuming. With our help timescales could be slashed and tens of millions of pounds saved per year.