Helping an iconic car maker improve supplier performance in time for a new launch

The challenge

The launch of a new car from this famous specialist manufacturer was being put at risk by several complex issues that had arisen within their supply chain. There was an urgent need to recover the situation and this would demand a range of both engineering and logistics skills.

How we helped

Our depth of resources enabled us to respond rapidly with an experienced multi-functional team that swiftly diagnosed the problems using our proven assessment tools.

  • We helped them to develop the organisation and structure needed to ‘run a line’ and consistently deliver to an agreed standard.
  • They had a lack of knowledge of injection moulding, our engineers were able to help using their own extensive experience of using this manufacturing technique.

To see the full details of how we helped can be seen in the full case study. You can get a copy at the bottom of the page.

The results

The significant range of challenges facing the project was successfully overcome. The new systems implemented across the supply chain now continue to sustain the quality that customers of this famous brand expect.

To look further into how we helped this iconic car maker improve performance and stay on track for their new launch, download the full case study below.

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