Providing the extra help to manage the supply chain for a new car launch

The challenge

The challenge was to ensure the successful launch of a new car for this major vehicle manufacturer.

Success would depend on rapidly gaining extra help with the management and support of the critical suppliers to ensure that their capacity and quality would meet the launch requirements for all components.

How we helped

Our engineers’ experience immediately allowed us to give extra capability by providing an additional supplier management team.

Deployed at twelve key suppliers and co-ordinated by our central control centre, they developed a robust early warning system with a rapid reaction team available to resolve problems as they happened, around the clock.

They worked in partnership with the customer’s technical and quality assurance teams to develop a new supplier management process including all communication, visual management, reporting and escalation processes.

The results

The challenging rate of climb to full production in three months was achieved, supported by a consistent 95% availability of parts.

The new supplier management systems that were developed continue to be used and have set the standards for all future product launches.

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