Providing the extra capability to help you manage complex change

Find efficiency savings and create capacity to fund and deliver growth plans and deliver better quality to the customer.

At a time of unprecedented uncertainty and rapid technological change Unipart is able to help manufacturers to transform operations – removing cost, raising quality and increasing delivery performance.

Ensuring that your business remains competitive often brings the need for significant change. Whether it’s a new product launch, another acquisition, or an urgent supply chain re-design in response to moves in market forces, these changes require complex challenges to be tackled and stretch the resources of any organisation.

These challenges can be compounded by a lack of resource, the need to restore stability to a critical process, to add capability urgently to a strategic programme, to make a step change into new markets or re-design and improve processes following acquisitions.


Our background gives us the capability to help manage change

We help our industrial clients meet these kinds of challenges and provide them with the immediate capability to implement the changes required.

As a manufacturer and logistics partner to other manufacturers, we understand what is needed to manage complex change and resolve the many issues involved. We are not conventional consultants – all our staff are engineers or specialists with years of industrial experience and we have access to a depth of resource in engineering and operations, as we are part of the Unipart Group.

Address the key issues and build capability

We helps clients to generate efficiencies to fund growth, increase productivity and deliver better customer outcomes. Whilst this is happening, your people learn alongside our practitioners, building the capability of your teams so that they may sustain the improvements and build a culture of continuous improvement.

Services for manufacturing

Inbound supply chain design

Create capacity for volume and range growth, optimise supplier management and minimise line noise

Distribution centre operations

Deliver superior service levels at lowest possible cost with lean, highly efficient distribution centre design

Aftermarket parts supply chain design

Market leading part availability, with accurate cost benefit analysis of service performance and fingertip global control

Inventory optimisation

Increase capacity and release capital for growth with highly optimised, high performing inventory management

Supplier On-Time, In-Full performance

Improve contract performance whilst reducing costs with higher quality, less waste, less rework and reduced inventory and expedited logistics costs

Lean operations transformation

Increase throughput and productivity, remove costs and embed a continuous improvement culture

Six-Sigma digital dashboards

Predict and prevent defect production before it happens with Sensors, Machine Learning and start your i4.0 revolution

Condition-Based monitoring

Lower maintenance costs and maximise field-team productivity with live operations and field-asset monitoring

Lean finance operations

Reduce aged debt, improve forecasting and lower the cost of payroll administration and free up capital for growth

Lean technical sales

Minimise the impact on operations of poor-quality orders, strengthen cashflow and remove bottlenecks from the sales process