What sets us apart is that we are railway people with railway experience – not just a consultancy

We understand the competing pressures

From the need for trains to be available and always on time, to ensuring high levels of safety whilst further reducing costs – today’s rail industry faces many demands.

Balancing these pressures is an essential part of any cost reduction programme.

We speak your language

Unlike conventional consultants we are able to work alongside your teams and speak their language because our consultants in this sector have years of practical railway experience.

Whether it be in your depots or stores, we are able to engage directly with your staff to find new ways of reducing inventory whilst increasing availability.

We can also work closely with your entire supply chain to identify greater cost efficiencies and further improve availability.

We take a practical low risk approach that really involves your teams…

We don’t write lengthy reports and leave you to figure out how to implement a set of “recommended actions”.

We provide hands on help to show your people how they themselves can set about streamlining processes to make the best use of limited resources whilst improving service and reducing costs.

Whether they are repair crews, depot staff, engineers, back office teams, managers or executives – the results are the same.

…and delivers sustainable results

By applying our sustainable approach to performance improvement to all the processes in your operational environment, we can help you reduce the downtime of rolling stock and infrastructure that impacts on passenger services.

These same methods can also help you build efficiency into transactional areas such as finance and procurement.

Our whole approach is based on creating alignment and engagement. We constantly involve your teams at every stage to encourage them to contribute ideas, as we work together to build a practical solution.

This builds a deep sense of ownership and commitment that ensures sustained results.

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