“The extent of the failure of the system suggests that a fundamental culture change is needed” – The Francis Inquiry

The Francis Inquiry sets out the need for a common culture across the NHS that puts patients first. It recognises that this cannot be achieved by top down pronouncements and will require change that secures the engagement of every single person serving patients.

Tackling culture change

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Creating a new culture of openness and transparency with a common set of core values and standards is a big challenge for any organisation. We know, because we have gone through that same journey of transformation in our own company.

Our consultancy approach draws on our own experience and starts with our deep belief in people. It is an approach which has now shown its ability to create engagement and culture change in the NHS, at all levels and with clinicians and administrators alike.

We unlock the hidden potential for improvement to patient care

We have repeatedly found that front line staff have the best ideas of how to solve problems and create improvements, so we engage them from the start. We help them actively own and manage the quality of what they do, by using metrics and visual management. We work together with them to eliminate avoidable variation and unnecessary activities that detract from patient care and safety. Directly engaging staff in this approach to process improvement creates ownership and stimulates cultural change.

We help develop a new culture

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We work with NHS leaders to create a strategy for quality and safety and help with their development as they move from Manager to Facilitator.

We create a culture of continuous improvement, not blame, by sharing information openly and providing methods of problem solving that encourage and enable front line staff to identify issues and then resolve them at their own level.

Video: Senior staff from Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust discuss how Unipart helped them to achieve award winning Staff Engagement, performance improvement and a better Patient Experience.

We help you significantly reduce costs

For more than seven years, we have shown that the Unipart approach can make real improvements to patients’ service; improving capacity and radically reducing cost at the same time. We leave a legacy where teams are both empowered and motivated to continue making further improvements long after we have gone.

Working with over 30 clients we have delivered a range of benefits

  • 57% reduction in A&E treatment times
  • More than £9 Million efficiency and productivity gains achieved for a Foundation Trust
  • 47% reduction in late starts and patient waiting times in Endoscopy
  • Increase in patient satisfaction from 85% to 94% for one NHS Trust
  • £1.5 Million per annum reduction in payroll costs as a result of reduced absenteeism

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