Providing the extra capability to help you manage complex change

Ensuring that your business remains competitive in today’s global market often brings the need for significant change.

Whether it’s a new product launch, another acquisition, or an urgent supply chain re-design in response to moves in market forces, these changes can bring complex problems that stretch the resources of any organisation.

These challenges can be compounded by the need to restore stability to a critical process, to add capability urgently to a strategic programme, to make a step change into new markets or re-design and improve processes following a whole series of acquisitions.

Our background gives us the capability to help manage change

We help our industrial clients meet these kinds of challenges and provide them with the immediate capability to implement the changes required.

Our own industrial background means that we understand what is needed to manage complex change and resolve the many issues involved. We are not conventional consultants – all our staff are engineers or specialists with years of industrial experience and we have access to a depth of resource in engineering and operations, as we are part of the Unipart Group.

We aim to own the problem

We won’t give you an ‘off the shelf’ answer, we help you break down a complex problem to find an imaginative solution that meets your specific needs. We work differently, we don’t just take a back seat when the unexpected or difficult barriers emerge – instead we aim to ‘own the problem’ and help you find the solution that will allow you to achieve the changes required.

Go to our case histories to see how we have helped some of the most respected industrial companies overcome challenges and improve their competitiveness.