Lean Six Sigma

Unipart Group helps organisations to achieve exceptional levels of operational performance and transformational change through a unique approach that combines Lean and Six Sigma based process improvement techniques, the engagement and development of people and the transfer of Unipart’s skills and knowledge to client organisations and employees.

As a part of Unipart Group, the Lean Six Sigma Team comes with a pedigree second to none with all its members experienced to Master Black Belt level.
Using its many decades of Lean and Six Sigma experience, the Team not only designs and delivers training at all stages of Lean Six Sigma, but also works alongside organisations from the very beginning of their Lean Six Sigma journey right through to project completion and certification, providing expert consulting and mentoring tailored to the specific needs of each client.

There is arguably no better place to train in Lean Six Sigma than in the heart of an organisation that has incorporated the methodology into its global operations.

Unipart’s Lean Six Sigma expert training team comes with a strong pedigree, with all its members experienced to Black or Master Black Belt level.

They have used their considerable collective experience and in-depth knowledge to create a unique suite of programmes that enables those from any organisation to become experts not only in Six Sigma but also in operational excellence.

Our Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts aren’t just change agents with a broad business perspective. For many employers they’re game changers.

Being process experts, they can deploy their substantial experience and commercial acumen to comprehend an organisation’s entire operations and to drive substantial improvement and financial benefit.

As a result, Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are often highly respected, highly rewarded and in great demand.

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Green Belt

Qualified Green Belt practitioners are trained in a broad knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques and able to analyse business processes, prioritise areas for improvement and then manage the successful realisation of the benefits identified.

They are also able to provide effective support to Black Belts implementing wider improvement projects and make good use of Yellow Belts within their own activities.

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Yellow Belt

Lean Sigma is used by most of the world’s leading organisations, including the majority of the Fortune 500, to realise substantial financial benefits by improving their business processes.

For Lean Sigma to function effectively in an organisation, a structured team of Lean Sigma experts – Yellow, Green and Black Belts – is necessary. Yellow Belt is the introductory level to Lean Six Sigma and this one-day training takes you to this level.

Lean Sigma tools and techniques can be applied to all business processes, using sound statistical data to continuously improve the quality and reliability of outputs, and resultant customer satisfaction.

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