Lean Six Sigma

There is arguably no better place to train in Lean Six Sigma than in the heart of an organisation that has incorporated the methodology into its global operations.

Unipart’s Lean Six Sigma expert training team comes with a strong pedigree, with all its members experienced to Black or Master Black Belt level.

They have used their considerable collective experience and in-depth knowledge to create a unique suite of programmes that enables those from any organisation to become experts not only in Six Sigma but also in operational excellence.

Find out more about our Six Sigma services and training:

Black Belt

The Black Belt programme has been designed to not only create experts in process reengineering, but individuals with wider commercial experience enabling them to be an integral part of the organisation, influencing and driving substantial benefits.

Green Belt

The focus of Green Belt training is the practical application of about 30 tools and techniques taught, rather than just an academic exposure to them.

Yellow Belt

An introductory one day training event in which the basics of Lean Six Sigma are covered.