Black Belt Training

Why Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is used by most of the world’s leading organisations, including the majority of the Fortune 500, to realise substantial financial benefits by improving their business processes.

The techniques can be applied to all business processes, using sound statistical data to continuously improve the quality and reliability of outputs, and resultant customer satisfaction.

Like Lean Six Sigma, Lean originated in manufacturing and has now spread into almost all market sectors delivering considerable efficiencies.

Individuals experienced in Lean and Six Sigma can bring considerable benefits to their employers and are highly sought after in the marketplace.

What is Black Belt?

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Programme has been designed to create not only experts in process re-engineering, with in-depth knowledge of both methodologies and skilled in the use of data, but individuals with wider commercial experience that enables them to be an integral part of the wider organisation, influencing and driving substantial benefits.

Moreover, their mastery of Lean Six Sigma and the combination of technical and change capability taught on the Programme, means they are equipped to train, coach, mentor and lead entire structures of Green and Yellow Belts to build sustainable continuous improvement in any organisation.

Programme Structure

The Black Belt Programme from our Lean Six Sigma Team is delivered throughout the year in a series of three or four-day open training programmes, during which delegates will experience an engaging blend of presentation, activity, discussion and both individual and team-based case studies.

This flexible structure is designed not only to allow delegates to take the programme at their own pace, fitting around their other commitments, but ensures delegates ability to put each stage of their learning into almost immediate practice in their own environment, embedding their skills and knowledge.

Between training programmes, delegates are supported with unlimited email and phone access and several site visits from our Lean Six Sigma Team. 

All delegates will receive a free copy of the software for their future use.

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