Yellow Belt Training Course:
Managing with Lean Sigma

Why Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Sigma is used by most of the world’s leading organisations, including the majority of the Fortune 500, to realise substantial financial benefits by improving their business processes.

Lean Sigma tools and techniques can be applied to all business processes, using sound statistical data to continuously improve the quality and reliability of outputs, and resultant customer satisfaction.

Like Lean Sigma, Lean originated in manufacturing and has now spread into almost all market sectors delivering considerable efficiencies in a wide range of business processes. The combination of these two highly successful methodologies to prioritise improvement where it is needed most, is a logical evolution.

Individuals experienced in Lean and Lean Sigma can bring considerable benefits to their employers and are highly sought after in the marketplace.

What is a Yellow Belt?

For Lean Sigma to function effectively in an organisation, a structured team of Lean Sigma experts – Yellow, Green and Black Belts – is necessary. Yellow Belt is the introductory level to Lean Six Sigma and this one-day training takes you to this level.

Who should attend?

Yellow Belt Training Events are designed to ensure delegates gain a strong grounding in Lean Six Sigma by engaging them in involving and practical activity-based exercises.

A firm foundation

Yellow Belt training events are designed and conducted by Unipart’s dedicated Lean Sigma Team to ensure delegates gain a strong grounding in Lean Sigma by engaging them in involving and practical activity-based exercises.

Delegates will gain an understanding of Lean Sigma’s methodology, its basic terminology, and three simple techniques. They will also be able to identify potential applications for Lean Sigma in their own workplace processes and prioritise its application.

Unipart’s Lean Sigma Team will also help to identify individuals with the aptitude to progress to Green, and possibly Black Belt.

The course was very informative, well communicated, and the examples used were easy to relate to. The presenters were enthusiastic and encouraged the group to participate.

  Customer Service team of an international publishing house

Training Structure

Yellow Belt Training from Unipart’s Lean Sigma Team is delivered as a combination of presentation, activity, discussion and case study ensuring that delegates understand the concepts and the application of Lean Sigma, not just the tools.

The one-day training session is fully tailored to the requirements of the delegates attending. To find out more, download the course outline:

Get the course outline: Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt training