Continuous Improvement Base Camp: Begin your ascent to peak performance

Why do you need this?

If your destination is the summit – how will you establish your base camp?

This workshop is designed for you to experience a Continuous-Improvement, Lean transformation. You will understand why this methodology is applicable in any environment and how it delivers results, not only in terms of performance but also in the engagement of your people.

What will this workshop give you?

You will experience a unique four-day learning event. Not only will we guide you through a simulated transformation you will also get the exclusive opportunity to see the practical application of Lean in a live Unipart environment.

When you leave us you will:

  • Understand why a Lean transformation will deliver performance through engaging your people
  • Have practical experience of how to improve a process using Continuous Improvement methodology
  • Have a clear understanding of how you need to progress your Operational Excellence journey

Who should attend?

This workshop has benefited people at every level of an organisation.

If you wish to understand how to take your performance to new heights and sustain it though the engagement of your people this is the workshop for you.