Value Stream Mapping: Delivering value through every step

Why do you need this?

Do you know how much actual ‘value add’ your operations are giving to your customers?

This interactive workshop will help you to see where the real value add is in your organisational processes. More importantly it reveals the non-value adding activities or ‘waste’ that are costing you time and money.

By engaging your employees to redesign their processes, your organisation will deliver higher levels of real value to your customers.

What will this workshop give you?

This two day workshop has been designed around a simulation where you are able to move a process from current to future state.

When you leave us you will:

  • Understand what value is in the eyes of a customer
  • Understand how to value stream map the current and future state of a process and identify where the value add and non-value added elements exists
  • Understand how to re-designing a process using Lean principles to eliminate waste

Who should attend?

This workshop has benefited people at every level of an organisation.