Those looking to implement change programmes know that the biggest challenge is ensuring that the improvements can be sustained.

A solution built on experience

Based on learning’s from Unipart’s own improvement story, as well as the best operational excellence and continuous improvement programmes from around the world, we have developed an approach over the last 25 years that enables us to manage and maintain a culture of continuous improvement within our own organisation.

By engaging and empowering employees it has created a culture that inspires and enables our people to go the extra mile and actively seek opportunities for continuous improvement in all that they do, for the benefit of themselves, the organisation and its customers

We call it the ‘Unipart Way’ and it is now the standard operating model throughout our entire company.

Sharing our knowledge to help you improve

We have applied our experience to organisations, of any kind, so that they may achieve operational excellence via the ‘Unipart Way’ and increase capability, reduce costs and deliver better service for their customers.

Our policy is to be low risk and highly practical. We can work immediately across your entire organisation or introduce our approach in one area, or department, that can then act as a role model for best practice in your organisation.

Ensuring improvement will be sustained

Whatever the scale, our approach of coaching your people in the use of an integrated system and enabling them personally to design, test and implement their solution, ensures they take ownership.

Results come quickly and are sustained and developed by our focus on creating high levels of employee engagement, throughout all that we do.

Initial benefits will develop further as employees embrace a culture of continuous improvement resulting from their new found knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm. This generates a momentum for change across the organisation.

The outcome is improved capability from a more flexible workforce that will help increase your competitiveness for the future.

The Unipart approach is not to “do it to you”, but to “teach you how to do it for yourself”, thereby ensuring a deep sense of ownership and commitment.

We call this approach ‘Performance through Engagement’